Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hi! I present you our healthy baby boy TS (Terrence Șevket) whom we've decided to name after our fathers. I realize this introduction should have happened four months ago when he was born only two days after my last blog post, but things have been quite hectic around here. The unannounced blog hiatus was much needed to adjust to our new life. To be honest, after four months, we're still adjusting to our new life with a baby who has brought us a tremendous amount of joy and laughter along with many sleepless nights. I'm looking forward to sharing so many wonderful happenings with you. If you have questions or subjects you'd like me to explore, please email them to me. Until then, I'm glad to be back and I will write regularly about being a new mommy.

P.S. Our little munchkin is much bigger now. You don't believe me? Here he is.


  1. aw, he's adorable! It's crazy how much they grow in four months, no?